Hold and earn passive income paid in $CAKE

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$Metababy­cake is the next-generation $CAKE Reflection Token.

Simply hold $MetaBabyCake and get rewarded in $CAKE on every transaction. Our auto-claim feature distributes rewards automatically to your wallet, buys back $MetaBabyCake and burns those tokens at the same time.

Babynomics/­Tokenomics and Fees:

100,000,000,000 total supply   |   50% initial burn
2% for airdrops   |   2% for CEX listings   |   1% for Giveaways

Contractadress: 0xcb822a3897f05d1b2b3d2ee7ae98cd7b3be3b111
Minimum token holding for rewards: 100,000

16% total fee for buy&Sell-Orders
9% distributed directly to all holders in $CAKE
5% allocated towards big marketing campaigns
1% Automated liquiditybuilding at pancakeswap
1% constant buybacks & bigger burns

1% extra sell-fee

Meet the $Metababycake Gang.

Baby George

Founder, Developer & Marketingspecialist

Business Economist


[email protected]


5 years into crypto, experience with blockchains, smartcontracts and mining

Baby Jack

Co-Founder & Developer

Computer Scientist


[email protected]


5 years into crypto, experience with blockchains, smartcontracts and mining

Baby Marc


Head of Marketing at a successfull project


[email protected]


5 years into crypto, experience with cryptomarketing

Why $Metababycake?

$MetaBabyCake is a new BSC meme and rewards token providing the highest $CAKE reflection rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. All holders of $MetaBabyCake are automatically rewarded in $CAKE when buys and sells take place. Hold $MetaBabyCake and watch your $CAKE grow passively.
We love rewards and passive income.

We are the first token that will build not just a token which is rewarding holders, but a whole ecosystem around $MetaBabyCake.

$MetaBabyCake will let YOU earn a huge load of $CAKE, which you can additionally stake for even more $MetaBabyCake.



1. Holding $MetaBabyCake: Rewards are distributed every 60 minutes via a queueing system (the contract iterates over each holder).

Please be patient, the rewards will always come.
2. Stakingpool: Stake $Cake and earn additional $MetaBabyCake, which then results in more $Cake rewards
3. NFT´s and marketplace: Just trade and hold $MetaBabyCake NFTs to earn passive income (Soon)
4. Play to earn: just play and earn additional income (Soon)

Innovative stakingpools.

Stake your $CAKE into the stakingpool and earn $MetaBabyCake<br.

The architecture of our smartcontract will benefit $MetaBabyCake holders in two ways :

1. Grow your $MetaBabyCake and your $CAKE at the same time
2. The smartcontract is constantly buying $MetaBabyCake which will generate rewards for holders and also leads to more automated buybacks and burns.

More pools & fee-distribution (via those pools) will follow soon. Stay tuned for further updates.


$Metababycake Moonmap.

$MetaBabyCake is aiming to build a whole ecosystem utilizing the $MBC-Token for voting, rewarding and gaming purposes and partnerships.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4